Rules and Regulations

Please Observe The Following rules:

1. Please post all threads in the right section, and don’t derail threads by posting off topic.
2. Be courteous and polite. Don’t abuse, bully, deliberately insult/ provoke, fight, or wish harm to members.
3. Don’t threaten, support or DEFEND violent acts against any member.
4. Feel Free to create any CGI related topic. If there is no category addressing your topic, you can create in any category and advise the admin to move the topic.
5. Don’t post pornographic or disgusting pictures or videos on any section.
6. Don’t post false information.
7. Don’t post political contents or use CGIHub Africa to promote any political propaganda
8. Don’t dilute the forums posting irrelevant and unnessary comments
9. Don’t use CGIHubAfrica for illegal acts, e.g scams, plagiarism, hacking, incitement, promoting treason.
10. Don’t violate the privacy of any people e.g. by posting their private pics, info, or chats without permission.
11. Please report any post or topic that violates the rules of CGIHub Africa.
12. Please search the forum before creating a new thread.
13. Don’t promote any fraudulent acts.
14. Don’t spam the forum by advertising in the wrong places or posting the same content many times.
15. Inflammatory artwork are prohibited

Disclaimer: Every CGIHub Africa member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on CGIHub Africa