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    Gaming apps are among the most downloaded applications on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Whether you are a professional gamer or an average person looking to pass the time, mobile games are appealing to people of all age groups, students, and business professionals.

    Top mobile apps developers design and launch millions of gaming options for iPhone users. And with so many choices, it gets challenging to choose which ones to play. There are both paid and free games on the App Store, here are three of the best-paid ones:

    • Mario Kart Tour

    Mario Kart has been a crowd-favorite for generations.

    The game is free to start but offers premium elements and in-app purchases. With its collection of charming characters and gameplay, it a game that is worth playing.

    • Minecraft

    At the top of the adventure category, you’ll find Minecraft with its stunning graphics, epic battles, and fantastic weapons, and gear.

    You can build castles, test your courage and survival skills by eliminating opponents.

    • Heads Up!

    For family game night, Heads Up is the best mobile game to download. It’s a card game and pretty simple to play. All you have to do is rightfully guess the word on the card. There are over 40 themes available in the deck, including celebrities, animals, movies, and more.

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sarahcameronList the top three paid iOS games.