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    So at last you have finally written that book. Now your worry is where you will get a publisher. Why worry at all? Have you tried self-publishing on Amazon with Kindle?

    Time to publish it that book of yours

    Perhaps the best solution to you getting your book published is by creating an ebook. This is more so in the case when you have to self-publish – an ebook is an inexpensive way to get your work out there.

    I like to travel too and was thinking about creating own blog but have not yet decided whether I need this. There are many travel blogs I follow, it keeps me motivated. By the way, here are some of them, maybe it’ll be useful for you



    Hi, I want to be a blogger and I am looking for ways how i can earn money from blogs so what is the best professional method to earn money. I got some idea about affiliate marketing but don’t have much experience and skills i got this solution,, looking very easy for me but afraid if it not worked, could you assist please

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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